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I am located at the Tunisian south, am wedged between chott Jérid and dunes. 
My climate is soft and dry the winter (20°). the summer is hot and the sirocco often blows. 
My population did not move since the beginning of the century always around 18000 inhabitants. I was, formerly, a lybic city, then Roman and finally arabic. I was a high place of the Sufism and the brotherhood of the zaouïa Kadria, whose Isabelle Eberhardt was affiliated, is known in all Maghreb. The influence of this religious current remains present until our days. I count a hundred marabouts whose celebrates it Sidi-Bou-Ali who released me from the khaouarej ibadhites and converts me with Islam sunnite. 
My oasis is immense and counts close to a half million date palm. 
The architecture of my houses is typical. The walls are made solid bricks with ochre color. The roofs as well as the gates of the houses are manufactured with wood of palm. 
This place inspired not scenario writers, I  will quote simply two films which did the one of the newspapers. It is about film " the English patient " turned partly in my streets and celebrate it " Star Wars " whose sequences were turned in the desert not far from here. 
If you like the human contact you will be astonished bus here people are open and nice. Engage the dialogue you will be better received. Walk quietly in my arched lanes you will be only delighted. You will be plunged in a world of dream. New routes will be presented to you and will make you discover nonaccessible aspects for an ordinary tourist. 
You can join to me by road, while passing by Tozeur, or plane. The international airport Tozeur-Nefta is to 22 km.