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Routes in the car or on motor bike
.Dunes (20 km a/r): Take the road of Algeria. To 10 km of the output of Nefta you will find on your line a sandy track which will carry out you at the end of 2 km, to the dunes. The place is splendid especially with laying down sun. You will meet camel drivers who will propose walks to you through the dunes. The prices are around 5 dinars (4.5 $).
..... ...
  Sand wind    full dunes.....à your pickaxes 
. The chott (8 km in circuit): Known course only of the inhabitants of Nefta and some initiates. From Sidi Mazhoud (see plane) take the road of Sidi Hassen Ayed, arrived in front of the marabout you are already in the chott. The sight of the palm plantation, and in second plan, the city, are impregnable. With the return circumvent the oases by the East (on the right). This track will carry out you to the input of the city.  (see diagram)
   .....Paillotte on the road crossing the chott 
. The desert of Oung Ejmel  (60 km of track a/r): On the road of Tozeur and with 5 km before arriving there take the road on your left. With the first intersection take on the right to the input of the Neflayet Oasis. On your line you will see the airport and other side you will find a track suitable for motor vehicles which will lead you to Oung Ejmel to 19 km. You will find hills crossed by a broad wadi. At the top of the one of them appears the shape of the head dun dromedary provided with a superb nape of the neck. To 9 km further is the site of " the Star Wars " (Wars Star). It is the true desert, you will smell itself sometimes on the moon.
The track is good but it y' has often Tôle undulated (accustomed of the Sahara know that well). Therefore it is necessary to roll very gently or with more than 60 km/h bus at this speed the phenomenon stopped. This second option is disadvised for not initiated.

Le dromadaire ne voit jamais sa bosse...disent les bédouins. Améditer.
Oung-Ejmel means "the nape of the dromedary"