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Nefta in the history

  • Nefta exists since prehistory and was in the beginning a lybic city.
  • 38 after J-C all Jérid was conquered by Seplus Vibialianus. The Roman domination will contribute to the propagation of the Christian religion.
  • 686 the city became arabo-Moslem country after the arrival of Okba Ibn Nafaâ. The Christians continued to reside at it.
  • 690 was built Zaafrana or new Nefta.
  • 710: Tarak Ibn ziad left Nefta with an army made up of 12 000 Berber in direction of Espagne.
  • 833: the city was conquered by Soufiane Ibn Souda under the régine aghlabites. Kairouan was the capital.
  • 944: Nefta became a significant center of Khaouarej and Abadites.
  • 1050: The last Christians left the city.
  • From the XIII 2nd century the current sunnite becomes dominating after the arrival of Sidi Bou Ali.

  • This did not prevent the Sufism (current Islamic whose followers spend their times to
     prayer " dikhr " and being satisfied with the minimum to live) to be propagated.
  • 1301: construction of the mausoleums Sidi Bou Ali and Sidi Nsir
  • 1642: Construction of a first school under the command of the Bey.
  • 1882: Nefta became a French protectorate.
  • 1889: Construction of a center postal and telecommunications authorities and a free Arab school which always exists.
  • 1943: The army of Rommel made a halt with Nefta. There never was of combat during this period in the area except eight bombs released on the dunes by the forces of the axis, without making damage.
  • 1948: Distribution of running water in the dwellings and it is only in the Fifties that electricity made its appearance. The inhabitants lived gathering of dates, agriculture, the weaving of wool for the burnous and the weaving of silk for the jebba (will gandoura).
  • Today Nefta is a delegation (sub-prefecture) and counts two colleges, ten primary schools, a hospital, three pharmacies, tens of hotels, an arts centre, a public library and a municipality.
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