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  • Nefta
  • Access: by road or air: comfortable buses make the shuttle between Tunis and Nefta, via Kairouan Gafsa and Tozeur. The departures of Tunis are with 13h00 and 21h00 and the returns to 9h00 and 23h00. The way of 490 km lasts 7 hours.

  • The international airport Tozeur - Nefta is to 2 km of Tozeur and 22 km of Nefta. It is equipped with modern infrastructures enabling him to accomodate any type of aircraft. You will find flights direct towards Europe as well as local flights towards Tunis.

toznef.jpg Tozeur-Nefta Airport

  • Tourist office: front Habib Bourguiba. It proposes approved guides. The tariffs are moderated, also organizes stroll in the barouche and on dromedary.

  • 216.6.457.236.
  • Post: front Bourguiba
  • Change : in the banks, the post office and hotels. The rate is with approximately 1 dinar for 0.775$.
  • Hospital: street of the Martyrs.

  • 216.6.457.193.
  • Craft industry: center front formation Bourguiba.
  • Jérid Museum (see plane).

musee.jpg Musée du Jérid

  • Curiosities of Jérid
  • Dar Chraït in Tozeur: complex sociocultural

  • - museum of civilizations Tunisian and art galleries
    -3000 years of history: museum of the man in his and light
    - Thousand and One Nights: amusement park its and light.
  • The zoo of the desert inside the palm plantation of Tozeur: animals of the desert (lions of the atlas, ostriches, gazelles, fennecs, jackals, dromedaries, reptiles, raptors etc.). It has a paradisiac garden downwards to visit absolutely: palm trees, banana trees, apricot trees, pêchers and all kind of flowers.
  • The red lizard: it was formerly the royal train of the Bey of Tunisia. Currently it is exploited to carry out an excursion in the throats of Thalja in full mountain: between desert and canyons one would believe oneself in a Western. The way lasts 2 hours. The tariff is equivalent to approximately 15$.

  • To get information at the Office of the Red Lizard with Metlaoui:
    (216).6.241.469, fax (216).6.241.604
  • Falls of Tamerza: oasis of mountain, water canyons and falls in full desert. Eh well yes.
  • Berber village of Chébika: located in blank of mountain on the road of Tamerza, to 40 km of Tozeur, this village which was formerly a Roman fortress, offers a splendid sight on chott El-Gharsa. Oasis, small river and marine fossils amongst other things.
  • Chott Jérid and its mirages: desiccated sea, this extent is wet the winter and the thin film of water on the surface, makes think of a large lake. In summer the chott is desiccated and overlaps with salt. By place, and mainly on the road between Degache and Kébili, the layer of salt is so dense that one would believe oneself known a glacier. When the sirocco blows in gusts it produces a phenomenon of mirages: the dwellings, under the effect of the succession of draughts hot, seem to be driven and be reflected on the ground as on a mirror. But there are few dwellings in the chott. IT is necessary to go to the marabout Sidi Hassen Ayed, to 4 km of Nefta (see plane), to observe this phenomenon.

  • The chott it is also expatriation: there is nothing, neither animals, neither mosquitos, neither pollen, nor dust. But it y' always has silence and calms it to die about it.
Where to eat? Do not leave the area without taking a meal at the restaurant
"Le Soleil" at Tozeur: very good regional kitchen.
Advised dishes:
- Chorba (vegetable soup of the area).
- Couscous with the sheep: really delicious.
- Koucha, meat dish of sheep, fresh tomatos, potato and sweet peppers, prepared with the furnace in a terra cotta pot.
Side quality / price it is the best: it is necessary to count 4.5 dinars per anybody is 3.5$ approximately (entered, flat and serves). The mint tea is been used gracefully for the end of the meal.

Lesol.jpg (6957 octets) Restaurant LE SOLEIL

Address: front Abou El Kacem Chebbi, Tozeur.
Restoring "Le Petit Prince": in the palm plantation of Tozeur, offers a pleasant framework.
European dishes or buildings are with the menu like wine and fresh beer.


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Garedeg2.jpg Degache Station

  • Climate: dryness in any season, average temperature jour/nuit: winter 20°/ 5°, be 38°/ 28°, precipitations lower than 100 mm/year.

  • GSM: all the area is covered by the network.

  • Holidays with the sun: the sun is beneficial but some care are necessary:

  • - to cover the head
    - to be refreshed regularly
    - you do not walk twisted naked: the Bedouins get dressed with wool winter like summer to keep the moisture of their body and to avoid dehydration.

Historical gate

This studded gate symbolizes the cohabitation which reigned during centuries, in these regions, between various communities. Its owner was a notable Moslem of Nefta. Its craftsman was a Jew of Nefta also.
The gate always exists and is to a hundred meters of the Souk .
It is enough to ask "Dar Ali Ben Larbi".