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The ostrich of the Bey

He was once the Bey of Tunis accepted in gift of another monarch nice a small ostrich. Surprised by this gift and not knowing what to make with, it decided to send it to Nefta because says one the climate was appropriate to him better. **time-out** as of its arrival the representative of authority de.l' autorité local in the person of Mr A. Sassi it deal with en charge and prevent the population that it himself act nor more nor less some one mission of high importance and that the aforementioned ostrich beyicale have right of life and of die on all what move. And here is that our ostrich sauntered in the streets of the city making flee the children and reigning as a Master of the places.

    Its favorite walk was the place of the Souk. As soon as it arrived it plundered all that interested it on its passage. It started with the bread merchant with whom it pricked two or three breads, then it passed in the merchant of cereals and satisfied durum wheat. The other displays also were not saved some is their food products.
But its predilection was the fritter merchant. This poor catch had only two hours to sell its 
fritters, between five hours and seven hours of the morning. With beyond it did not have any more customers. It looked at it coming by far. Its heart was beating wildly.
Sometimes a tear escaped from its eyes corroded by trachoma. And the " princess beyicale " advanced advanced and as it advanced our man saw the income of his day which dropped dropped. 
Hardly the ostrich arrived at its level, it chose the highest fritter pile and swallowed it without any state of heart. And our merchant looked at all that without word saying. Like the other tradesmen, it suffered in silence. Who could oppose the ostrich beyicale!

   At the bottoms of the Souk and in a dark and badly arranged shop was installed the blacksmith of the village. He saw the horse-gear being held in front of him and though not being concerned with the catastrophe he less was not worried and not even revolted. He was a right man. He always liked justice and did not support the distress of sescompatriotes. Being a " soixante-huitard " before term it decided to pass to the action.

One day it bought a beautiful bread of the baker of at side, it made a beautiful ball, quite round and put it to heat. When it saw the ostrich pointing other end of the Souk the ball was already heated with white. It took the bread, perforated it and put the ball well inside. Then it posed the bread on a stone of the wall of opposite, well in obviousness.  Feeling the exquisite odor of the hot bread our " princess " was not made wait and of a blow of nozzle it took it and the ingurgita. It took only one step and it was the last
Learning the news, the place and the lanes of the city emptied themselves like one day of apocalypse. All this world had died of fear. No matter who in this moment there could be shown of assassination. But Mr Sassi feared the scandal and his place too. He made circulate this laconic medical bulletin: " In this day of summer of year 1332 of the hégire the ostrich of the bey succumbed following a heart attack caused by strong heats ".
  And from the small city carried out a quiet life until our days.
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